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Regional Cooperation

Closer regional cooperation is a prerequisite for countries that aspire to join the European Union. Fostering closer relations between countries in the Balkans and Southeast Europe at-large means intensifying trade, encouraging free movement of people and ideas, and collaborating towards the overall pursuit of common objectives. Regional cooperation in areas of mutual interest lies in the program of many government streams, including MFA’s public diplomacy portfolio.


  • “Chapter Closed in the Balkans” Conference
  • A Future Security Architecture for Southeast Europe: Framing the Issues
  • Chevening Regional Leadership Conference
  • “Empowering the Balkans” Conference
  • “Shaping the Future of Southeast European Countries” Regional Conference
  • “Enhancing Kosovo’s Regional Representation and Participation” Project
  • Kosovo – Montenegro Friendship Forum, “Radovan Zogovic”
  • Regional Seminar: Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans
  • International Conference on Public Diplomacy in service of cross-border cooperation