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  • 03 September 2018

The Valley of environmental fanatics

This region remains well preserved and still less explored, but offering greatopportunities for lovers of eco- and rural tourism.


Rugova Valley is one of the most attractive natural areas of the region. it belongs to the Albanian Alps range of mountains situated at the western part of Kosovo. There are 13 villages populated with «Rugovanians» who are famous for their fanatic love of the environment, their specific cultural activities, and practice of folklore. The highest peak of the Rugova valley reaches up to 2560m above sea level, and the area is quite rich with rivers, natural lakes at 1800m on the mountains, 30m high waterfalls and several natural caves.

This region remains well preserved and still less explored, but potentially offering great opportunities of diversion for lovers of ecoand rural tourism. Its territory allows a total immersion in smells and tastes of the nature. Possibilities for sports are huge during the whole year thanks to trekking and hiking paths, streets perfect for biking routes, and to the rock walls welcomed by climbers. 

Rugova valley is always visited by different groups of visitors. During the summer the majority of people from the city go up on the valley for the weekend. There are plenty of tours, events and other activities going on throughout the year.

Recreational Opportunities
The best way to enjoy the valley during the summer and fall is to hike or bike the region. Rock climbing is offered, as well as exploring caves or simply hug the wind and enjoy traditional food. In winter and spring, the crystal look of the Albanian Alps and fresh air offer the best place in the Balkans to ski, trek or even hike. RugovaValley is a mixed place, there are recreational areas which you can find a lot in the valley.
This is a mixed place, there are recreational areas which you can find a lot in the valley.

Seasons Accessible
Rugova Valley is accessible all year round. However, it does snow heavily in the winter which leads to most but not all villages shutting down tourism services. However, the village of Bose does have a ski resort and stays open throughout the winter.

Boga has just recently started to become an attraction for national tourism, in the Rugova gorge; therefore it is still undergoing preparation and infrastructure design. It is an extraordinary attractive spot for conquering mountain tops or skiing during winter season, since it is also equipped with ski lift. Though it is quite equipped with accommodation settings, skiing equipment and restaurants; it still needs to promotion, will and people’s curiosity in order to be visited more. It is at 28th kilometer of the Rugova gorge road, driving from Peja to Rugova.
There are indication signs, therefore you cannot miss it. The road is quite good, even though during winter sometimes it happens to get closed. There are regular minibuses from Peja to Boga, taking you there in 45 minutes.

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