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Shyqri Gjurkaj and Naim Spahiu part of the exhibition "Monolog 3" in Sweden
Prishtina, 26 January 2018 - Two Albanian artists, Naim Spahiu and Shyqri Gjurkaj, are part of the international exhibition "Monolog 3", which was opened in Vaxjo, Sweden. Naim Spahiu has exhibited &...
Two Kosovo film projects at the Rotterdam Film Festival
Prishtina, 26 January 2018 - Rotterdam Film Festival has commenced, part of which is also the Rotterdam Lab workshop, which this year thanks to the partnership that KCC has with CineMart, will ...
The exhibition "Roots of the State" displays the journey of the state of Kosovo
Prishtina, 12 February 2018 - The exhibition "Roots of the State" is among the activities that have marked the second day of celebrations in honour of the tenth anniversary of ...