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International recognitions of the Republic of Kosovo

International recognition of the independence and sovereignty of Kosovo will remain a priority to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora. The process of Kosovo’s recognition has shown that Kosovo is an irreversible reality and an essential factor to the peace and stability in the region. This could be best proved by the formal recognition of Kosovo from all neighboring countries (except Serbia), by the vast majority of the countries in the region and the Euro-Atlantic community.

The merits regarding the so far achievements are to be attributed to the proactive and dynamic diplomacy of Kosovo, as well as to our international partners who supported the recognition process and lobbied on behalf of Kosovo.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora will remain fully committed to lobbying for international recognition of Kosovo by the UN member states, aiming to enhance the international position of Kosovo and establish diplomatic relations with the vast majority of UN member states.

The Republic of Kosovo is recognized by 117 countries, thereby, fulfilling the initial aim of obtaining more than 100 recognitions. The commitment of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora to complete the international recognition process should be focused on a diplomatic communication with the big countries, within and beyond Europe, that have not yet recognized Kosovo.

The Government of Kosovo will remain strongly committed to full normalization of interstate relations with Serbia and to continued dialogue, aiming its finalization by mutual recognition that would enable building sustainable peace between the two countries, and establishing good, European spirit based diplomatic and neighborly relations,

Upon increasing the number of recognitions, the establishment of diplomatic relations with countries that have already recognized Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state will remain a priority.

Diplomatic relations enhance recognition of Kosovo and strengthen the Kosovo`s position as a full member of the international community. In addition, these relations have the potential to bring other important benefits, such as foreign investments, commercial exchange etc.