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WBF / The Western Balkans Fund

The Western Balkans Fund announces the IV-th call for project proposals

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora (MFAD) of the Republic of Kosovo is pleased to announce that the Western Balkans Fund (WBF) has announced the IV-th open call for project proposals, which will be open until 23 December 2021.

Applications can be submitted through the application system found on the official website of this fund: https://wbfportal.org/applicant/ 

While potential applicants can find more information at the following link: http://westernbalkansfund.org/

In order to better inform civil society organizations and other non-profit parties about the objectives and modalities of application, the Western Balkans Fund in cooperation with the MFA, will hold an Information Session in Prishtina (Building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora) on 25 November 2021, at 11:00 AM.

To participate in this Information Session, civil society organizations and other non-profit parties must register via the following link:


This is the fourth call since the establishment of the Western Balkans Fund in 2017, but the first to benefit from substantial support from the European Union, co-financing regional grants through IPA funds - the Instrument for Pre-Accession.

Civil society organizations are the main beneficiaries of the EU/WBF joint action. Potential grant winners include associations, foundations, nonprofit organizations, regional networks, local and regional public entities, or business associations.

The Western Balkans Fund, a regional organization established by the Foreign Ministries of the six Western Balkan countries, is a unique regional mechanism, aimed at promoting the development of closer cooperation and strengthening links between them.


Western Balkan Fund (WBF) was created with the aim to promote development of closer cooperation and strengthening of ties between the Western Balkans six, integration into the European Union and common presentation of the WBF to the third countries.

The objectives of the fund are pursued through financial support of activities in any field which contributes to cross – border and inter – regional cooperation and to the strengthening of regional cohesion, in particular in the areas of  development of cultural cooperation, development of scientific exchanges, research and cooperation in the field of education, promotion of sustainable development and development of youth, cross-border cooperation, media, European integration and gender as crosscutting issues.

Kosovo is a signatory party since its establishment in 2015 and since January 2019 is holding the chairmanship-in-office of this organization.

Kosovo had chairmanship-in-office of WBF in 2019.

The Secretariat of the WBF is located in Tirana, Albania.  

(more information can be found on http://westernbalkansfund.org/)