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Western Balkan Fund (WBF) was created with the aim to promote development of closer cooperation and strengthening of ties between the Western Balkans six, integration into the European Union and common presentation of the WBF to the third countries.

The objectives of the fund are pursued through financial support of activities in any field which contributes to cross – border and inter – regional cooperation and to the strengthening of regional cohesion, in particular in the areas of  development of cultural cooperation, development of scientific exchanges, research and cooperation in the field of education, promotion of sustainable development and development of youth, cross-border cooperation, media, European integration and gender as crosscutting issues.

Kosovo is a signatory party since its establishment in 2015 and since January 2019 is holding the chairmanship-in-office of this organization.

Kosovo had chairmanship-in-office of WBF in 2019.

The Secretariat of the WBF is located in Tirana, Albania.  

(more information can be found on http://westernbalkansfund.org/)