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  • 07 December 2017

Are announced the winners of the competition for best photographs and writings for promotion of Kosovo during 2017 Minister Pacolli: Kosovo will have the best image

Prishtina, 12.07.2017 – “From my life experience, wherever I've gone and I have seen any sign or trace of Kosovo, I got emotional. Imagine the power that a beautiful photograph or statement has. Especially for what you have in your heart. What you love and are tied to. What your soul loves. This is the power of Public Diplomacy. This is the power of PR. These photographs and writings are made for people who love Kosovo. For all those that are here tonight. And others who are not, but we will see. Everywhere in the world, where Kosovo has friends. Where are the people of Kosovo. Other halls of important and influential institutions”, stated the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, in his address to many foreign ambassadors that are accredited in Kosovo, to chief editors, journalists, artists and other professionals of all fields who were present at the award ceremony for the best photographs and writings for promoting Kosovo during 2017.


“We started this project immediately after I accepted my official assignment and I did not stop even for a moment. Every small contribution and commitment you have made so far has indeed been of great value to us. We received a lot of calls from chief editors and journalists, photographers and artists and many people of goodwill.

We also completed the new website kosovoabc.com, which we will present today. Something that has been missing from our country and which will contain up to date information and photographs in the category of natural tourist attractions, music, sports, film, history, economy, international relations, political system, traditional cuisine and interviews with internationals living or have invested in our country.

We've build a new page on Wikipedia. We are in process of establishing Wikimedia User Group. We have started talks to implement our idea of the extraordinary project Virtual Kosovo”, said Minister of Foreign Affairs, Pacolli

“We owe it to Kosovo to present its natural beauties in the best way possible, as God has created them. To promote the rich heritage, as it was built over the centuries. Culture, as it was preserved and cultivated by many generations. Sports, that made all of us proud. And our music stars, who are adored and listened from the entire world” said Pacolli.

The ceremony continued with giving the awards for the winners, which were presented by Minister of Foreign Affairs Pacolli, Representative from US Embassy, French Ambassador, Italian Ambassador, Greek Ambassador and Turkish Ambassador.

The best photograph for 2017 was given to two photographs of two authors. The photograph was captured by the author Agon Nimani, featuring moments from the writing of the Declaration of Independence of Kosovo, as well as that of Armend Nimani, moments from the performance of the singer, Rita Ora, on the occasion of canonisation of Mother Teresa in the Vatican.

The second prize was also awarded to two authors. The second best photograph prize went to the photograph of the author Bleron Caka featuring traditional dresses and to the photograph of Armend Nimani featuring Majlinda Kelmendi celebrating the golden medal.

The third prize went for the photograph of the author Ardit Qeriqi featuring one of the most recent sports in Kosovo, hiking.

Regarding the best writings, the writing of the author Artan Krasniqi "Stacioni ku përplasen kohët" (Station where time clashes) won the first place. Second place belonged to author Uran Haxha with the writing "Gëzuar në Rahovec" (Cheers in Rahovec), while the third place was given to two authors: Azra Deshiq with the writing "Ilir Tafa, aktori që po i rikthen namin Kosovës" (Ilir Tafa, the actor who is regaining Kosovo's fame), as well as "Intervistë me Ibrahim Berishën" (Interview with Ibrahim Berisha) of the author Labinot Konushevci.

Prizes were also awarded to 20 other authors of photographs. The selection of photographs and writings was made by a professional jury composed of: Eliza Hoxha, Sylejman Kllokoqi, Gianluca Serrago, Adriatik Kelmendi and Rrahman Paqarizi.

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