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Shyqri Gjurkaj and Naim Spahiu part of the exhibition "Monolog 3" in Sweden

Prishtina, 26 January 2018 - Two Albanian artists, Naim Spahiu and Shyqri Gjurkaj, are part of the international exhibition "Monolog 3", which was opened in Vaxjo, Sweden. Naim Spahiu has exhibited "Notuesit e Kohës" (Time Swmmers), a painting 100x70 centimetre, whereas Gjurkaj has exhibited "Gjurmë në kohë e hapësirë" (Traces in time and space).

 Gjurkaj has stated for Koha.net that this exhibition is the result of meetings at various symposia, and the idea is to continue cooperation beyond these symposia. "The exhibition is result of the meetings in various symposia with artists from all over the world. The idea is to continue the cooperation even after the symposia", said Gjurkaj. He further added that this is a mobile exhibition, which means it will travel to different countries, and after Sweden these works will be exhibited in Germany. "The exhibition is mobile, which means it will travel to other places from where the artists come from. This is the third round that has been opened, while the next exhibition will open in Germany", he said. He has not ruled out to present the exhibition in Kosovo, but a major obstacle according to him is the transport, due to customs. Besides Gjurkaj and Spahiu, in this exhibitions are participating the following artists from different parts of the world, and they are: Hristina Zafirovska (Macedonia), Igor Modriq (Croatia), Andreas Pytlik (Germany), Jane Mikulajecz (Denmark), Kamer Batioglu (Turkey), Admir Mujkiq (Bosnia), Ola Gieraga (Poland), Poul Brasch (Denmark), Anna Zadros (Poland), Giorgio Piccaia (Italy), Sung Heum Kim (South Korea). In the concept of this exhibition written by Anna Zadros and Ola Gieraga, it is said that artists know each other in random meetings in workshops or in art projects. "Every artist that comes to these meetings and speaks to us with a monologue of form and expression, but what unites us is the art and passion for what we do. Artists are inspired by diversity and individuality and rediscover themselves and the feelings which is the core of our art. Our short meetings exist always among us, in the past, in the present and in the future. An endless echo", writes Zadros and Gieraga.

Source: http://www.koha.net/kulture/71621/shyqri-gjurkaj-e-naim-spahiu-pjese-e-ekspozites-monolog-3-ne-suedi/


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