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Akil Gjakova opens a new chapter of the Kosovar Judo

Prishtina, 12 February 2018 – Akil Gjakova can finally feel completely equal with the female judokas, under whose shadow he has developed his career so far. The 22-year-old with a triumph at the biggest judo tournament in the world, at the Grand Slam of Paris, is on a par with Majlinda Kelmendi, Nora Gjakova and Distria Krasniqi who have made Kosovo known through judo, writes “Koha Ditore”.


With Saturday's success, Akil has also written history, respectively opened a new chapter of Kosovar judo. Gjakova was long praised as a great talent of judo. However, he encountered difficulties to successfully step into the senior level, respectively to display his values with the best. However, with the success in Paris, this stage is assumed to be over. He has secured himself a place among the elite judokas of the world. At least, he was such made by the success in Paris, ahead of 15,000 viewers. Akil won the gold medal in the category up to 73 kilograms, in a competition which, with regard to significance, is compared to the world championship. He won in a row against Moussa Hsan of Tunisia, Eduardo Araujo of Mexico, Arthur Margelidon of Canada, Tsogtbaatar Tsend-Ochir of Mongolia and in the final against Lasha Shavdatuashvili of Georgia. Especially the "Waza-ari" victory over Georgian has been highly appreciated. Shavdatuashvili is the Olympic champion from London 2012 and the winner of the Olympic bronze medal in Rio 2016.

Source: http://www.koha.net/sport/74985/akil-gjakova-hap-kapitull-te-ri-per-xhudon-kosovare/  

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