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“Sarabande” for Petrit Çeku premieres in Zagreb

Prishtina, 21 February 2018 - In the winter of 2014, the musician from Kosovo who was present in many prestigious scenes, invited his friend, who is a filmmaker to accompany him during the realization of the new project. The guitarist Petrit Çeku decided to record in guitar the Bach suites for cello and Kaltrina Krasniqi accompanied him to Spain, reports the daily newspaper "Koha Ditore".


"We have known each other for about a decade now and we closely follow each other's work. What continuously fascinates me about him, but also about other enthusiasts of classical music, is how naturally they coexist with the present and the past", says Krasniqi, author of the documentary that will premiere on the prestigious festival in Croatia. "Therefore this was a special occasion to find my answers, but also because Petrit rarely records his work. The only reason why he did this was because he felt ready to document himself at this professional development moment", said Krasniqi and continued explaining how commenced the "Sarabande"- a documentary that will be screened for the first time on Monday, 26 February in "ZagrebDox", within the regional competition. In this festival, the documentary for Çeku will also have two other shows, namely on 28 February and 3 March. 

Source: http://www.koha.net/kulture/76758/sarabande-per-petrit-cekun-premiere-ne-zagreb/  

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