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Wanderlust: 5 reasons to visit Kosovo

Prishtina, 21 February 2018 - “Wanderlust” is a magazine that was launched in a bedroom in 1993 by two travel enthusiasts. This is one of the best magazines in the field of travelling, and is also the winner of many prestigious awards. This magazine has decided to publish an article about Kosovo on its website, by mentioning five reasons why our country should be visited, reports Telegrafi. Below are listed the five reasons by 'Wanderlust'

1: The churches and monasteries 

Sitting at the crossroads of history and religion, Kosovo is home to some of the most important monasteries and churches in Central Europe. Graçanica Monastery, just southeast of the capital, Prishtina, is one of the best preserved examples of late Byzantine architecture in the world. The monastery of Deçan, set in a forest in the Deçan canyon, has survived a long history of conflict and is an extraordinary example of Orthodox monastic architecture. Most breath-taking of all is the Patriarchate of Peja, a 13th century church. This is protected by Kosovo police. 

2: The mountains

Kosovo is a land of remote, rugged mountains, home to ferociously independent people and stunningly untouched beauty. The Rugova Valley in the west, ringed by the spectacular peaks of the Accursed Mountains, stretches all the way to the Montenegrin border. Here you'll find gorges, shepherd communities, waterfalls and steep canyon walls, 300 metres high. Dragash, in the south, is one of the most remote areas of Kosovo. It's timeless villages, like Brod, make the perfect base for some of the best hikes in the Balkans. If you are a hiking fan and you visit Kosovo, you must visit Kosovo’s highest mountain, Gjeravica.

3: The cities

The Kosovo capital, Pristina, is a lively city of cafes, museums and galleries. It is a beguiling mix of old and new, with a with the buzz that comes from Europe's youngest population. The nightlife and cafe culture is exceptional – there’s always a gallery opening, theatre performance or live concert to attend. Ask a local for recommendations, whereas leave time for a visit to the excellent Ethnographic Museum. Almost an hour away of the capital you’ll find Prizren, the real gem of Kosovo. With its fortress perched on a hill over the town, beautiful mosques and churches and the lazy Bistrica River curving between the red-roofed houses, Prizren is a photogenic old-time town. 

4: The culture 

Hospitality is the cornerstone of life in Kosovo. Outside of the cities – and particularly in remote mountain regions – you will be welcomed into people's homes and treated like royalty. It’s part of the traditional Albanian kanun. The best examples can be found in the villages of Junik and Dranoc – the perfect way to experience authentic Kosova hospitality, food and culture.

5: The food

The food in Kosovo is as hearty and welcoming as its people. A traditional Albanian favourite is tavë, a hearty oven dish of meat, tomatoes and aubergine. Flia, however, is the country’s culinary superstar and you should not leave before trying it. 



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