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Albanian Night Brit Awards, Dua Lipa Snatches Two Awards, Rita Ora Shines in Her Performance

Prishtina, 22 February 2018 - Dua Lipa has been the star of tonight at the Brit Awards 2018, having the highest number of nominations and receiving most awards from the artists present at the ceremony, writes KultPlus.

BritAwards, the ceremony that draws everyone's attention to Britain, was held tonight. Getting two awards in this prestigious competition, Dua Lipa was at the center of everyone’ attention. She received the best artist award at the beginning of the ceremony. “I thank everyone who has She started the ceremony with the award as the best artist. "I thank everyone who helped me, my friends, my team and my family. I also want to thank every single female that has been on this stage before me, that has given girls like me, girls in society, that have allowed us to dream this big. Here is to more women on these stages, more women winning awards and more women taking over the world,” she said after receiving the first prize for the night. A few minutes later he performed the song “New Rules”. For the first time, Millie Bobby Brown and Kylie Minogue came on stage together to give an award together. They gave the best British female solo artist award to Dua Lip. The artist from Prishtina, Dua Lipa, on receiving the second prize for this night as Britain's “Breakthrough Act” in Britain, took her siblings Rina and Gjin to the stage to let them experience closer the magic she experienced tonight. "You have made my dreams come true. My brother and sister certainly think I am crazy for bringing them on stage with me. The reason I did this is that before I told you to believe in magic and this is the moment when I was closest to magic. So I want them to get the emotions from the first hand. I love you, thank you very much,” she said. Dua Lipa this year has been nominated in five categories thus becoming the most nominated singer of this, year but also the first most nominated female solo artist in the history of this competition. Rita Ora also performed during the night, who first performed the songs “Anywhere” and “Your Song”, to continue with the last collaboration she had with Liam Payne with the song “For You”. Her performance came very beautifully interwoven on stage.. Brit Awards during the ceremony also embedded the white rose symbol to support the 'Time's Up' campaign. The music industry stars who attended the BritAwards 2018 were holding white roses while walking on the red carpet, a sign in support of the “Time's Up” campaign against sexual abuse, writes KultPlus. The organizers of this event had announced earlier that all guests would be given a white rose, but it would be their choice if they wanted to keep it or not. Singers Dua Lipa and Rita Ora accepted the roses and hold them while walking on the red carpet. Rita Ora also carried the rose during the Grammy Awards, where she wore a black dress. The use of the white rose as a symbol in support of this movement began in that ceremony. Source: http://www.kultplus.com/muzika/nate-shqiptare-ne-brit-awards-dua-lipa-merr-dy-cmime-rita-ora-shkelqen-performance-foto-video/  


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