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The film “Martesa” (Marriage), part of the festival Roze Fimldagen in Amsterdam

Prishtina, 26 February 2017 – The film “Martesa” will be screened in Amsterdam during the festival Roze Filmdagen.


The drama of a love triangle played by Adriana Matoshi, Genc Salihu and Alban Ukaj as leading roles will be screened on 10th of March at 15:30h and on 16th of March at 17:45h. The Roze Filmdagen Festival will be held from 8-18th of March, whereby films related to the life of the LGBTQ community will be displayed. Beside the film “Martesa” there are around 125 other films that will be displayed during the 21st edition of Roze Filmdagen. The film was already screened in Kosovo, and immediately captured the attention of the public. Source:http://www.kultplus.com/filmi/filmi-martesa-pjese-e-festivalit-roze-filmdagen-ne-amsterdam/  

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