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Destan and Barbara Gashi to present a joint exhibit “Mermer dhe ngjyra”

Prishtina, 2 March 2018 - Destan Gashi, sculptor, and Barbara Gashi, painter will open an exhibition of sculptures and paintings.

 Bright-coloured paintings of Barbara Gashi and original sculptures of the great master of sculpture, Destan Gashi, will be exposed for one month in the Rathaus Forum Gallery in Knittelfeld, Austria. The heart of exhibition is the sculpture “Puthje” made of marble from the city of Sölk in Steiermark, Austria. Sensual, roundish and tangible forms invite the art lovers to touch the works of Destan Gashi, which have become original art works following a several-month hard-work of carving, forming, polishing and illustration, report Austrian media, states “albinfo.ch”. Other sculptures, totally respecting the sculptor tradition, are nude sculptures made of marble of Carraras. Several works are made of marble from a small quarry in the Republic of Kosovo, the homeland of Albanian sculptor. The well-known couple Gashi stated that they are happy for the opportunity to present an exhibit in Steinmark, where both of them are known for many art lovers and private collectors, reports “albinfo.ch”. Destan Gashi was born in Kosovo and graduated in Art School “Odhise Paskali”. He completed studies in picture and sculpture in the Art Academy in Brussels. His wife, Barabara Gashi, has been living and working as an independent artist in Vienna since 1987. As her husband, Destani, the Austrian artist completed her studies in picture in the Academy of Fine Arts in Brussels. She has exhibited her works inside and outside the country. 

Source: http://www.kultplus.com/arti-pamor/destan-dhe-barbara-gashi-vijne-ekspoziten-e-perbashket-mermer-dhe-ngjyra/


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