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Arta Ramadani will present the novel “Kosovar” at the Leipzig Fair

Prishtina, 5 March 2018 – The author, Arta Ramadani, living in Germany, during this month will publish the first novel "Die Reise zum ersten Kuss. Eine Kosovarin in Kreuzberg "(Travel to the first kiss. A Kosovar in Kreuzberg) published by the publishing house "Drava".

 The first public presentation of the book will be in the framework of a great book activity in Germany. As the author announces in her Facebook post, she will have the opportunity to present her book at the Leipzig Book Fair (Leipzig) on March 18th. She will also read a part of her book, in one of the several activities at the fair, which is inspired from the Kosovo War and its consequences. The Leipzig Book Fair, after the one of Frankfurt, is the second largest fair in Germany and has a long tradition of existence, writes albinfo.ch. In contrast to the Frankfurt Fair, the Leipzig Fair promotes more contacts of authors with their readers and cultivates the spirit of reading. This spirit is then spread throughout the city, where, during the fair, is also organized the festival "Leipzig liest" (Leipzig reads), which is the largest festival in the world of this nature. In her debut novel, the author narrates for a 15-year-old girl named Era, who during the Kosovo War seeks for a new homeland in the world and finds her as great fan of Madonna in the famous Berlin's multicultural neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. The smart girl lived in Prishtina, and with a broken heart was forced to abandon the country at war and to flee to Germany. At this place, after a gloomy start in an asylum building, she tries to find herself in a famous multicultural district of Berlin, Kreuzberg, writes the book publisher, "Drava" and distributor "Ex Libris" in his presentation. "Only three days had left to Era to abandon the homeland, the beloved people, and most of her things. Kosovo was in a crisis of war and life was becoming more and more dangerous. Her parents fled from Serbian police and from a dark perspective. They try to find a new shelter in Berlin, transmits albinfo.ch. At the time when Era understands terrible things about German history, Germany becomes her new home. Era and her parents are faced with a challenge and so Era quickly learns to love the new place, in which there is so much freedom and opportunity. In the diverse part of Berlin, in Kreuzberg, she sought her place in the classroom, on the street and in the state. "Era is one of the many girls, who during the war in Kosovo sought their new home in the big world and found it," transmits albinfo.ch. Arta himself, in her adolescent age moderated on a youth radio to improve her pocket budget and in that case had discovered the passion for journalism. Born in Prishtina, raised in Mannheim and with finished studies in the USA, she recognizes the life among cultures and enjoys traveling among them. Arta Ramadani is also known as a reporter and editor, rewarded several times by the ZDF, a German public television. 

Source: http://www.rtklive.com/sq/news-single.php?ID=249126

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