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Three performancës of the film “Martesa” at the well-known Czech festival

Prishtina, 12 March 2018 – The film “Martesa” – considered as one of the best European drama film in the previous year – of Kosovar director Blerta Zeqiri, is continuing its journey through world festivals.


The city of Prague is the next destination in which the film co-financed by the Kosovo Cinema Center and that of Albania will have three performances, writes "Koha Ditore" today. 

The film "Martesa" unveils a story about a love triangle involving two men and a woman, which will be shown at the Prague International Film Festival on 18th, 19th and 20th of this month. 

Before the performance at the Czech festival, "Martesa", was also presented on Saturday in Amsterdam, within the festival "Rose Filmdagen - Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival". Whereas, the Prague International Film Festival "Febiofest" will hold its 25th edition in Prague, between dates 15th to 23rd of March. 

The Film Director, Blerta Zeqiri, is happy with the so far great success of the film. 

Source: http://www.koha.net/kulture/80447/martesa-me-tri-shfaqje-ne-festivalin-e-njohur-cek/

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