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“The New Body” of Astrit Ismaili tonight at Digital Spring Festival

Prishtina, 14 March 2018 - The artist from Kosovo, Astrit Ismaili, is presenting at the Digital Spring Festival his project titled "The New Body" at ARGEkultur in Salzburg, writes KultPlus.


 In this project, the artist creates a body that goes beyond its natural capacity and is open to other ways of relating to it - a body that goes beyond its ordinary function as a place for negotiating issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, language and class politics. The project aims to challenge the body's predefined physical and mental capacities and limitations, changing the existing elements and adding new ones. Thus, sounds produced during movements are thought to appear as internal parts of the body. These sounds are different depending on the movements. By dividing the body by sounds, the artist addresses the alleged prejudices and enables the transfer from a traditional point of view to new perspectives. "The New Body" will be presented with the live performance of the artist and then with videos that will be projected as holograms to give the impression of the artist's presence during the exhibition. The performance started on March 13 and will last until March 14 at 19:30. The installation will take place on 17 March and 18 March at 18:30. This project will then continue on 23 March in Brisfelden, Switzerland. Astrit Ismaili has completed Bachelor studies at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Prishtina. He then pursued a Master's degree at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, DasArts Master of Theatre program. His art brings together photography, music, and video performance. 

Source: http://www.kultplus.com/arti-pamor/new-body-nga-astrit-ismaili-sonte-ne-digital-spring-festival/

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