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Presentation in Poland opens new doors to the painter Albana Ejupi

Prishtina, 16 March 2018 - The double version of the work "Aktor shqiptar" (Albanian Actor) was part of the gallery in Warsaw, Poland, in an exhibition aimed to support and promote talented painters inside and outside the country.


 The work of the artist Albana Ejupi is part of the open exhibition in the framework of the third edition of the International Painting Competition organized in the capital of Poland, writes "Koha Ditore". The exhibition, which was inaugurated at "Galerie Przy Kozach Sluzewskiego Do-Mu Kultury" at the end of last week, will remain open until the fourth day of April. Ejupi, a young artist from Kosovo who has successfully started her presentation abroad, was present at the opening of the exhibition. The presentation in Poland has opened new doors and she has received invitations to go there again for an exhibition. After Warsaw, this exhibition will also take place to Krakow, in a university setting - at the Academy of Fine Arts Painting Gallery, from 6 to 22 April. According to her, the presentation in Poland and the involvement of her work in the circle of finalists is of great importance. 

Source: http://www.koha.net/kulture/80854/prezantimi-ne-poloni-piktores-albana-ejupi-i-hap-dyer-te-reja/

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