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The film “Martesa” of Blerta Zeqiri, will be shown as premiere in Turkey

Prishtina, 19 March 2018 - The long feature film "Martesa" directed by Blerta Zeqiri, will be shown as premiere in April at the Istanbul Film Festival in Turkey, writes KultPlus.


 The film "Martesa", which was supported financially by the Kosova Cinematography Center (KCC), speaks about a love triangle just before and during a marriage. The trio of the main characters of the film, under the scenario of Blerta Zeqiri and Keka - Kreshnik Berisha, are interpreted by Alban Ukaj, Adriana Matoshi and Genc Salihu. The whole story unfolds before and during the marriage of Bekim with Anita, who is unaware that Bekim is still in love with his best friend, Noli. The event includes the time of war in Kosovo, when two young people, Bekimi and Noli, live in a building where they begin to feel the first signs of love for each other. Many years later, their biggest fight will be with the obstacles of this love. Anita, is the daughter of a family of missing persons during the war. The marriage of the couple, is taken emotionally by the Bekim's family, but not by Bekim itslf. Moreover, the flow of his feelings is complicated with the return of Noli, who is a musician. He returns in Prishtina after several years of living in France. Those who wish to watch the film during this festival should purchase tickets at the festival website. This film will be released during April, on April 14th, 15th and 17th. 

Source: http://www.kultplus.com/filmi/martesa-filmi-blerta-zeqirit-premiere-edhe-ne-turqi/

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