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The "Siparantum" Choir of Peja represents Kosovo at the World Choir Festival in France

Prishtina, 20 March 2018 - The "Siparantum" Choir of the city of Peja will be part of the international festival of world choirs, which is held in France from 9th to 13th of May.


 For the first time, in a large competition from many countries of the world, it is accepted the "Siparantum" choir from the city of Peja which will represent our country, Kosovo, at the International Festival of World Choirs "NANCY voix du monde", which is held in France. "Of course, I consider that this is a great success for us, as this choir was established last year and for a very short time we have managed to accomplish very difficult art pieces and to have a professional repertoire. This I believe has influenced our acceptance at this festival. It is an indescribable joy for us, considering that we will be in competition with countries such as Germany, Republic of Congo, Switzerland, Chile, Argentina, Philippines, Algeria, Ukraine, Kosovo, Ecuador, Bulgaria, Czech Republic etc., thus it is a great pleasure to represent our country in the best possible way. Our purpose is now clear, to be presented in the best possible way and to present our true values. Our repertoire will be diversified, we will present works of world renowned composers and Albanian composers", said the conductor of the choir, Memli Kelmendi. The International de Chant Choral Festival "NANCY voix du monde" which will be held from 9-13 May, the "Siparantum" choir will appear at stage at 5 pm, at the most popular concert halls of the country. The Nancy International Choral Song Festival was established in 1979 and organizes every 2 years a musical event that gathers choirs from around the world. Since its establishment, until now 260 choirs from 63 countries around the world took part to this festival. Kosovo is presented for the first time in this festival. The "Siparantum" choir will soon come out with the official program that will be presented in France. 

Source: http://www.koha.net/kulture/81947/kori-siparantum-i-pejes-perfaqeson-kosoven-ne-festivalin-koreve-boterore-ne-france/

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