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13-year-old from Kosovo, winner of first place in the "Palaio Faliro Guitar Festival" in Athens

Prishtina, March 21, 2018 – The 13- year- old from Mitrovica, Diar Aliu, a 7th grade student, participated in the 7th edition of the "Palaio Faliro Guitar Festival" held in Athens, Greece.

 Diar returned from Athens as the winner of first place in the second category that includes the age group 13-16 years, the group in which he competed, writes KultPlus. In addition, Diar Aliu was able to attend a masterclass by John Feeley and Yannis Petridis. While, in addition to the award, he also won a guitar by Stelios Theodoroudis, worth € 1,000, as the main prize of the category. Diar, for this participation in Athens was financially supported by his parents, while the 13-year-old talent has participated in other guitar festivals in Kosovo and recently in the virtuoso spectacle organized by Inva Mula. The talented guitar player came out as the winner of the second category at "Peja Guitar Festival 2017". All this success of Diar, according to his parents, is the merit of Professor Drilon Cocaj, as Diar Aliu is a fifth grade student of Prenk Jakova music school in Pristina. 

Source: http://www.kultplus.com/femijet/13-vjecari-nga-kosova-fitues-vendit-te-pare-ne-palaio-faliro-guitar-festival-ne-athine-foto/


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