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Feride Rushiti honoured by the US Department of State with the ''Women of Courage'' Award

Prishtina, 23 March 2018 - Feride Rushiti is among the women honoured by the US this year with the Women of Courage Award. This photograph shows Feride together with other winners of this year's award, while the nominees include successful women from every corner of the world, who, with their courage and insistence, have changed the lives of people as well as the mentality and mindset in their workplaces.


Feride is Director of the Kosova Rehabilitation Centre for Torture Victims. As a doctor, during the 1999 conflict and war in Kosovo, she helped cure injured civilians. Feride Rushiti has had, and still has, an important role in terms of Kosovo's legal framework to protect and rehabilitate prisoners, while also advocating for the independent monitoring of detention facilities. Above all, her main efforts are directed to the protection of women raped during the recent war in Kosovo, a cause in which Feride Rushiti was dedicated the most in these two decades. Besides her, there are other women who receive this award this year, writes KultPlus. For example, Elena Berini from Italy has for some years experienced the horror in Africa, where she has helped at the time of 1970s regime. Roya Sadat from Afghanistan is a strong woman who has documented, through documentaries and films, the injustices and atrocities an Afghan woman goes through. Godelieve Mukasarasi from Rwanda is a woman who has a major role in the peace process in Rwanda, a country which experienced war and terrible rapes of innocent women. All women will attend the ceremony on 23 March, while the ceremony will also by attended by Melania Trump - the First Lady of the US. 

Source: http://www.kultplus.com/trashegimia/keto-jane-grate-e-guximshme-te-botes-ne-mesin-e-tyre-edhe-feride-rushiti/

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