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Omar Zatriqi, the best composer in North Ireland

Prishtina, 29 March 2018 - Omar Zatriqi, with origin from Peja, won the first prize in an important international contest. It is Peter Rosser Composition Award 2018, a prize awarded to the compositor at the beginning of his career. The prize for the third edition was awarded to Omar from Peja, son of Nusret Zatriqi.


 Omar has been living in Ireland for a long time and has been educated for music. Winner of Peter Rosser Composition Award 2018 takes one thousand dollars. Zatriqi performed “Fata Morgana” in the event. Anselm McDonnell and Stephen Coyle were ranked as second and third in this contest for young composers, reports KultPlus. The concerned prize has the name of Peter Rosser, a composer from North Ireland known for his participation in various festivals in England. Omar has a twin brother, Eduard. Various works of Omar are performed from different ensemble throughout Ireland, including The Quangle Ensemble. 

Source: http://www.kultplus.com/muzika/omar-zatriqi-fiton-cmimin-si-kompozitori-mire-ne-irlanden-veriore/


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