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  • 02 May 2018

Kosovo Philharmonic Choir to Perform Three Concerts in England

Prishtina, 2 May 2018 - The English audience will have the opportunity to listen to the Kosovo Philharmonic Choir for the first time. The members of this ensemble will play two different programs in England for three days in a row. On May 5, they will join the Hastings Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra to interpret Verdi's Requiem under the direction of Brazilian conductor Marcio da Silva, writes Koha Ditore.


 After this concert, the Kosovo Choir will deliver two other performances according to the program, which includes works of three generations of Albanian composers, as well as works by world composers. In this presentation in the UK, the Kosovo Philharmonic Choir will present works by composers such as Lorenc Antoni, Gjergj Danush Llapacaj, Jan Kukuzeli, Rexho Mulliqi, Rafet Rudi, Baki Jashari, Thomas Simaku and Mendi Mengjiqi, as well as works of international composers such as Tomas Luis de Victoria, Benjamin Britten, John Dowland and Jake Runestad. The same program will be performed on May 7 in London. 

Source: https://www.koha.net/kulture/90323/kori-i-filarmonise-se-kosoves-me-tri-koncerte-ne-angli/

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