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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Besnik Hoti continues visits throughout Kosovo Municipalities

Prishtina, 4 September 2018 – The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Besnik Hoti, accompanied by the Director for Economic Diplomacy, Guner Ureya and the Senior Officer for Economic Integration, Turkesh Dalifi, are continuing visits throughout Kosovo Municipalities.

The purpose of these visits, according to the Deputy Prime Minister Hoti, is to present the opportunities for promotion of municipalities through economic diplomacy of the Republic of Kosovo. 

As the beginning, they visited today the Municipality of Fushë Kosovo, wherein they were hosted by the Mayor Burim Berisha and then continued the visit to the Municipality of Obiliq and the Municipality of Lipjan hosted by the respective Municipality Mayors.

‘’The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo along with all of these missions are available for promotion of municipalities, in particular for promotion of investment opportunities to these municipalities” said the Deputy Minister. He stated that diplomatic and consular mission of the Republic of Kosovo are deployed into 38 world locations, and there have been diplomats assigned to deal with the field of economic diplomacy in such missions. 

Moreover, Hoti informed the Mayors of three Municipalities about the project of the ministry on economic diplomacy and economic integration of Kosovo, whereas the Director of the Department for Economic Diplomacy, Guner Ureya, clarified the project of the ministry in details, the importance of this project in relation to the economic development of the country and its importance to the local level, in that regards also the ways of cooperation and importance of twining with municipalities of other countries.

On the other hand, the Mayors of the three Municipalities informed the officials of the ministry about the capacities of the municipalities, in particular in the area of agriculture, tourism, and the good conditions they offer for the investors who want to invest in their municipalities, in different areas and the facilitation provided by the industrial zones.  

The Mayors and the MFA Officials agreed for mutual cooperation with the aim of promoting municipalities in regards to potential investors, other foreign investors or diaspora investors.



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