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Foreign Minister Pacolli: We ensured the support for visa liberalization and cooperation in multilateral organizations with Finland

The meetings of the first day of the Foreign Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister Behgjet Pacolli continued in the UN Headquarters in New York with his Finish counterpart Timo Soini. 

​“Support us on visa liberalization, because the youth of Kosovo deserves free movement. Kosovo has shown progress in the liberalization agenda,” said the second top Government Official, Behgjet Pacolli.

His Finish counterpart guaranteed Kosovo for the support of his country.

In response to the interest of Mr. Timo Soinit about the course of dialogue with Serbia, the head of Kosovo Diplomacy, Behgjet Pacolli stated that ”the dialogue entered into the final stage, since both countries have been dialoguing for 20 years. There are several options on the table and we are studying them, in full compliance with the Kosovo sovereignty and European Integration of both countries. I personally favor normalization based on economy, on welfare of citizens.”   

“We, friends of Kosovo, would like that at the end of talks, the European perspective of both countries is clarified,” aid the top Finish diplomat Soini, who underlined the role of the former president of his country, Marti Ahtisaari, on the establishment of the Kosovo state.

The Minister Pacolli informed the interlocutor about the other Developments in Kosovo, in the region and also about the economy of the country. He invited the Finish entrepreneurs to come to Kosovo in order to see investment opportunities in winter sport related businesses, which invitation was appreciated by his interlocutor.   

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