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Foreign Minister Pacolli initiates a development platform between Kosovo and Albania for the next 50 years

Peja, 26 November 2018 – In the framework of the fifth joint meeting between the Government of the Republic of Kosovo and the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Albania, the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Behgjet Pacolli, has proposed the initiation of a joint international study: "Albanian nation in the next 50 years", a document that would serve as an empowering development platform of the Albanian nation in the Balkans.

"Faced with many challenges, Albanians must have their clear future together. Today, in the meeting of the two governments, Kosovo and Albania, with the support of Prime Ministers Rama and Haradinaj, I launched the joint international study "Albanian nation in the next 50 years." This document will serve as the empowering development platform of the Albanian nation in the Balkans ", said Kosovo's top diplomat, Pacolli.

The joint meeting of the two governments this year was held in the city of Peja, meanwhile a number of Agreements are to be signed between the two countries.


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