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Press Release

Prishtina, 28 November 2018 - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo refutes and considers the statements of State Institutions of the Republic of Serbia as completely untrue, irresponsible and unacceptable, alleging “obstacles encountered by the Liaison Officer of Serbia while performing his obligations,” in the Republic of Kosovo.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to its information obtained by the line institutions in charge, reconfirms that the Liaison Officer of the Republic of Serbia to the Republic of Kosovo did not have any obstacles or difficulties in exercising his duties and responsibilities, as defined by the Brussels Agreement.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appreciates the work, role and constructive commitment of the Liaison Officers, who, as of the time of their appointment, have contributed in developing a meaningful communication between the institutions of both countries and in line with that, it encourages the expansion of their scope.  

In regards to the groundless allegations and accusations for con-compliance with the duties deriving from the Brussels Agreement on Liaison Offices, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs highlights that the Police of the Republic of Kosovo will be at the time and locations as requested by the Liaison Officer of the Republic of Serbia and it will exercise its duties and obligations with high professionalism, commitment and responsibility, as it has always acted so far.

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