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Republic of Kosovo welcomes High Commissioner’s Report on Venezuela issued on July 5th and is alarmed by its sobering findings.

As noted in the report, grave violations of human rights remain widespread in Venezuela, where Maduro’s Special Action Forces killed 5287 people in 2018 and 1569 by May 2019. We are particularly concerned for those in vulnerable situations.

We welcome the establishment of OHCHR Office in Venezuela and hope that this office will contribute to an improvement of the human rights situation in Venezuela.

Republic of Kosovo is appalled on the alleged killing of venezuelan Navy Captain Rafael Arevalo by Maduro’s associates, as Kosovo itself experienced such criminal acts in the recent past by a ruthless regime.

We call on international community to strongly condemn criminal actions taken by illegitimate regime of Maduro. Republic of Kosovo recognizes President Interim Guaido and the National Assembly of Venezuela as the sole legitimate authorities of Venezuela and we are committed to work with our Lima group partners and other regional countries to hold Maduro and his associates accountable for crimes committed against innocent people in Venezuela.”

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