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Kosovo diplomacy and culture strengthen the strategic partnership

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Ms. Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla, and the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ms. Vlora Dumoshi, signed today the Service Level Agreement between the two respective ministries, which will serve to strengthen the cultural diplomacy of the Republic of Kosovo by strengthening strategic missions around the world.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Haradinaj-Stublla said that this agreement is a continuation of ongoing efforts to strengthen and reform the foreign service of the Republic of Kosovo, by which the range of Kosovo's diplomatic and military representation will be expanded, and now including the cultural representation.

“Our country is gaining new allies every day, and also unparalleled support in its path of consolidation and presence in the world. Nevertheless, Kosovo has also ambassadors without credentials and without diplomatic ranks, who represent Kosovo every day, voluntarily, in the most dignified way its cultural, artistic, sports, academic values, etc”.- said Minister Haradinaj-Stublla.

She stated that,  Kosovo so far has been excellently represented around the world, by our people who have achieved culminating results in culture and sports, such as: Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Ramë Lahaj, Majlinda Kelmendi, Lorik Cana and many, many others, who have been ambassadors of Albanian culture and values for years, wherever they have worked and performed.

“Through this agreement with Minister Dumoshi, for the first time, we managed to develop a platform for cultural diplomacy, this valuable form of representation of our common values, which until now was undeveloped. Through this agreement, we are committed to increase the presence of the image, culture and tradition of Kosovo in our diplomatic missions and through them around the world”.

The Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Ms. Vlora Dumoshi, said that through this Agreement it will be enabled appointment of Cultural Attachés, who will promote the culture of the Republic of Kosovo in the countries where they will be accredited.

“As Cultural Attachés will be appointed eminent figures of culture and sports, who aim to represent our country in the diplomatic missions of the Republic of Kosovo based on our common goal, to strengthen the cultural and sports diplomacy”, said Minister Dumoshi.

Public and cultural diplomacy will help revitalize the representation and the image of our country in the international arena, now through the institutional support of the two relevant Ministries who have concluded this agreement.


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