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Gërvalla and Nagavci meet diaspora teachers, provide them with the support of the Government of Kosovo for supplementary Albanian education

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Donika Gërvalla, together with the Minister of Education, Mrs Arbërie Nagavci, and the Deputy Minister of MFAD, Mrs Liza Gashi, hosted a group of teachers from the diaspora, with whom they held a meeting to discuss the process of supplementary teaching of the Albanian language abroad.

On this occasion, Minister Gërvalla emphasized that the purpose of this meeting is to discuss the needs and requirements of diaspora teachers.

“Today, we will listen to your requests, build communication bridges, review requests and then take concrete steps”, she told the teachers.

Whereas, Minister Nagavci said that the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Diaspora are in constant cooperation to coordinate the work for education and learning of the Albanian language in the diaspora. She also stressed the need to work towards increasing the number of Albanian children attending Albanian education in the diaspora.

Deputy Minister Gashi emphasized that the supplementary teaching of the Albanian language in the diaspora needs improvement and institutionalization. In this regard, she said that the need for certification of the Albanian language abroad will increase.

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