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Minister Gërvalla received in a farewell meeting the KFOR Commander, Major General Federici

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Ms. Donika Gërvalla, received today in a farewell meeting the Commander of the Peacekeeping Forces in Kosovo (KFOR), Major General Franco Federici, to whom she expressed her gratitude for his contribution and cooperation.

Minister Gërvalla expressed the gratitude of the Government and the citizens of Kosovo for the very professional commitment of Commander Federici, in terms of maintaining peace and security in Kosovo.

She stressed that the presence of KFOR has played an important role in creating a secure future for Kosovo. Furthermore, she stressed that this presence guarantees stability and security not only in Kosovo, but throughout the region.

According to Gërvalla, the institutions and citizens of Kosovo have a very high appreciation and great trust in KFOR for more than two decades.

"The citizens of Kosovo are supporters of Kosovo's integration into NATO and for us the main aspiration remains to be part of this alliance, as well as the European Union," she added.

Also, Minister Gërvalla wished Major General Federici success in his next engagements.

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