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Gërvalla and Xhaçka launch the joint initiative for cultural diplomacy #ColoursofAlbanians

Elbasan, 26 November 2021 - The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Donika Gërvalla, together with the Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania, Mrs Olta Xhaçka, and members of the government cabinets of both countries have officially launched today the joint Kosovo-Albania photo contest "Colors of Albanians 2022".

During this activity that took place on the margins of the Joint Meeting of the two governments in Elbasan, it was announced that this joint initiative under the motto "Identity Traces" will be a promotional campaign for Albanians, through photos that will be shared in digital form by anyone who wants to become part of it.

On this occasion, Minister Gërvalla emphasized that part of this initiative, in addition to the Albanians in Kosovo and Albania, will be all Albanians around the two countries but also the diaspora, in order for the Albanian colours to be enriched and shine even more powerfully all over the world.

"We as institutions will try to show these colours in every part of the world so that, regardless of whether or not someone knows the Albanian colours, our nature, our cultural peculiarities, they have the chance, through this activity and this contest, to see what they could not see so far", Mrs Gërvalla said, among other things, assuring that, in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Trade, there will be a concrete commitment for this initiative to be successfully implemented on Kosovo's Independence Day on 17 February 2022, to enjoy its outcomes.

On the other hand, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Albania, Mrs Olta Xhaçka, emphasized that this contest aims to put the past and the present alongside. "The contest is based on a very simple idea: it aims to see Albanians, Albania and Kosovo, through the eyes of ordinary people, Albanians or foreigners. So, it aims to see the Albanians of the Albanian territories in both our countries without filters, as they are, as they are perceived and experienced by the people. In short, anyone who will be part of this contest just needs to post a photo from everyday life, from a trip, from an experience in Albania or Kosovo on the Instagram or Facebook page opened specifically for this purpose. The winning photos in the final will become part of a publication which will then be distributed worldwide through our network of representations", she said.

Further, the contest Colours of Albanians works quite simply: everyone with a phone camera or a digital camera is invited to capture a moment from everyday life, from trips to different parts and places of Kosovo and Albania, a moment from personal life as a resident or visitor in these places and post this photo or video on the Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #ColoursOfAlbanians2022 and the tag @ColoursOfAlbanians.

The collection of photos and videos at the end of the contest will be forwarded to the jury composed of well-known personalities of art and photography who will select the best photos and videos which will then be distributed worldwide through diplomatic representations of the foreign service of Kosovo and Albania.

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