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Gërvalla met German special envoy for Western Balkans, Manuel Sarrazin, as she receives his support for the Council of Europe

Prishtina, 13 May 2022 - The Deputy Prime Minister, at the same time the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs Donika Gërvalla, received today in a meeting the German special envoy for the Western Balkans, Mr Manuel Sarrazin.

After the meeting, in a joint press conference, Minister Gërvalla thanked envoy Sarrazi for the support that the German state has continuously given to the Republic of Kosovo.

"It is a special pleasure to receive today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, envoy Sarrazi, who is an old connoisseur of Balkan topics, an old connoisseur and supporter of development in Kosovo, democratization, and progress of this country and therefore it is a special pleasure that the German government has appointed him as a special envoy", Minister Gërvalla said.

Minister Gërvalla said that Kosovo is lucky to have a friend like Germany and that it has consistently had the support of German governments.

"We are very grateful for the continuous and extraordinary support that all German governments have given to Kosovo, we are happy that the new government too, the new chancellor, in the meeting with Prime Minister Kurti expressed and reiterated that the German position will be even more active than in previous months regarding the regional challenges in the Western Balkans", the chief of Kosovo diplomacy said.

Sarrazi, for his part, thanking her for the hospitality, confirmed to Minister Gërvalla that Germany will support Kosovo to join the Council of Europe.

"We recognize Kosovo as an independent state. We will support Kosovo's membership in all European institutions. We are in favour of and will support with all our capacities the application of Kosovo to become a member of the Council of Europe. We hope to contribute to this process," Sarrazi said at the joint press conference.

The German envoy also offered his support for the process of visa liberalization for the Republic of Kosovo.

"We really have an urgent need for visa liberalization for Kosovo. So it is clear that if visa liberalization is put on a list of topics in the crucial European commissions, then we will vote in favour and you can believe that. That's what we can do, the German vote is in favour. We have also told our partners that we think all the criteria have been met. We follow the position of the commission and try to be convincing in our arguments why it is right and necessary to do so," the German envoy said.

Among other things, in the one-hour meeting between the German envoy and Minister Gërvalla was discussed about many of the topics that connect Germany with Kosovo, the challenges and topics of the region and the general geopolitical situation in the world and especially the big questions that have been raised due of the war that Russia is waging on Ukraine.




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