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05 May 2020

Minister Konjucfa’s speech at the UN Security Council on Kosovo
Your Excellency, the Honorable Mr. President, Ambassador Francisco A. Cortorreal, Your Excellences, Permanent Representatives of the Member states of the UN-Security Council, The Honorable Mr. Zahir Tanin, Special Representative of ...

25 April 2020


18 April 2020


07 April 2020

MFA helps thousands of citizens, those having emergencies returned to Kosovo
Prishtina, 31 March 2020 – Hundreds of citizens of the Republic of Kosovo have already returned home, and several hundred more will return in the coming days, since unable to move, ...

31 March 2020

Another diplomatic victory that results in Kosovo's energy independence
Prishtina, April 2020 - After many years of diplomatic efforts, the Transmission System Operators of Europe have voted in favour of the Connection Agreement with the Electricity Transmission, System and ...

20 March 2020