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Department on Policy Planning

Department on Policy Planning (DPP):

  • Assists in making Kosovo national interests;
  • Assists in defining the vision, mission, values, strategy and objectives of the Republic of Kosovo’s foreign policy;
  • Assists in drafting speeches, entries, positions or other forms of statements and viewpoints of the Ministry;
  • Conducts research and long-term strategic planning for implementation of the foreign policy in compliance with the competencies of the Ministry;
  • Coordinates with state institutions, NGOs, the academia, citizens and other actors;
  • Leads projects or special politicaldiplomatic issues assigned by the Minister;
  • Addresses issues/problems of international issues important for the interests of the Republic of Kosovo, and based on that, provides opinions and required advice;
  • Assesses, fulfills and advances the Kosovo foreign policy;
  • Serves as a source of foreign policy and global trends analyses.

Director of the Department for Policy Planning 
Tel: 038 200 77007