535 - Ministria | Ministria e Puneve te Jashtme

Department of International Organizations

Department of International Organizations (DIO):

  • Prepares completed and detailed files on the main international organizations, in particular the United Nations and the Council of Europe;
  • Leads in cooperation with all government mechanisms of the Republic of Kosovo with a focus on activities related to international organizations and their participation in these organizations;
  • Identifies and establishes an archive of official communication and data on multilateral agreements related to participation and membership into international organizations;
  • Develops close cooperation and mutual relations with all NGOs in Kosovo and international NGOs working in Kosovo;
  • Keeps the communication and cooperation of the Republic of Kosovo with international organizations;
  • Develops close relations with universities in Kosovo and other higher education institutions as well as respective academies of Kosovo with an aim of creating better experiences for MFA on specific issues, in particular to advance presentation on international organizations;
  • Cooperates with responsible institutions and line Ministries with regards to membership and representation of the Republic of Kosovo into international organisations;
  • Prioritizes multilateral relations with each international organization and provides recommendations on the initiation of multilateral agreements for Kosovo’s membership and participation at international organizations and multilateral initiatives.