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Deputy Director General

Deputy Director General:
·         Upon request of the Director General, coordinates duties and works of political departments within MFA;
·         Upon request of the Director General, facilitates communication between the embassies and other diplomatic missions with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
·         Ensures daily management of units, respecting the priorities of main issues, as well as ensuring that these priorities are subject to the rapid and efficient actions;
·         Supervises and reports on the work of the councils from the fields of subordinate units of the Directorate General;

·         Assists the Director in cooperation with the political advisors, on the main points for the Minister;
·         Establishes cooperation relations with the representatives of foreign governments in Kosovo and abroad with international organizations and NGOs;
·         Represents Kosovo, upon request, in international meetings, following the approval from the Director General;
·         Leads the Office of the Director General in the absence of the Director General;
·         Performs other work duties, upon request of the supervisor.  

Deputy General Director, Xhelal SHAQIRI
Email: Xhelal.Shaqiri@rks-gov.net
Tel: 038 200 77 065