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  • 04 September 2018

Kosovo Digital Diplomacy considered as one of the best in the world

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kosovo has been selected as the author of the best National Strategy for the Digital Diplomacy out of all the Balkan countries, from the prestigious Turkish journal on Public Diplomacy, “Yeni Diplomasi”. The Digital Diplomacy Strategy of Kosovo is considered as one of the best after that of USA, the Great Britain and Israel by Turkish experts, evaluating the content of strategies of dozen countries and various actions that Foreign Ministries and world diplomacies have launched for digital affirmation of its own countries.


Halil Ibrahim Izgi, a Turkish expert on public and digital diplomacy, in an authorial writing in Yeni Sahat journal, announces the findings of the analysis of “Yeni Diplomasi”, where it is noted that: “Kosovo has become one of the most active states on the digital diplomacy. This is strongly associated with country’s attempts for more recognitions. Kosovo diplomats have had also a huge support from the dynamic digital Diaspora representing Kosovo’s biggest asset. This survey denotes Kosovo as the fourth country with the best Strategy in the internet, after the super-powers such as USA, the Great Britain and Israel.

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Kosovo, Petrit Selimi, responsible for initiating design and implementation of Kosovo Digital Diplomacy says that “Kosovo this year has scored an extraordinary progress in communicating via digital means”. Initially, we have gained support from experts of sisters ministries, then asked for sponsorship and we are pleased for the support extended to our actions in the digital diplomacy by the Norwegian and British government. In accordance with the Strategy, we have invested in creation of mobile phones apps, and are preparing Wikipedia trainings, while having many other portal actions and projects to be implemented even for 2013. Starting in January we will be launching an interesting portal presenting Kosovo in five languages. 

Arjeta Emra, a Director of the British Council says that “British Council is proud of cooperating with MFA of Kosovo and the digital community on establishing the content, trainings and other actions in the field of digital diplomacy with a modest assistance we have received. With more resources, we shall have more results and, in this context, we thank all the activists in the internet that helped Kosovo promote its diverse culture, sports, policy and society via digital means. This appreciation from Turkey reveals that we are on the right path as far as the affirmation of Kosovo agenda is concerned”. 

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