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Minister Haradinaj - Stublla is an official visit to USA, where she will meet senior State officials

Prishtina, 16 August – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Ms. Meliza Haradinaj – Stublla as arrived at the United States of America, where she will conduct her first official visit as chief diplomat of the Republic of Kosovo. 

“Beyond the Atlantic, together with the Minister of Justice, Selim Selimi, we arrived in the blessed land of the United States” , stated Minister Haradinaj – Stublla, considering this visit and meetings with senior State officials from Kosovo’s main and historical ally, as highly important.  

“Aiming to further deepen our bilateral relations, and strength coordination of Kosovo’s foreign policy to that of the USA, we will have meetings with senior officials of the State Department, National Security Council, U.S Department of State Foreign State Institute, Atlantic Council, and the “Heritage” Foundation, stated the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo.

During the visit to Washington and New York, Minister Haradinaj – Stublla will also meet with compatriots and representatives of Albanian-American organisations, in order to discus joint political priorities toward unification of actions and advancing interests of the Republic of Kosovo and all Albanians.


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