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Haradinaj Stublla sends a telegram of condolences to the Gashi family: Kosovo lost a great man

Prishtina 12 September 2020 - Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Meliza Haradinaj Stublla, has sent a telegram of condolences to the Gashi family, after the death of the well-known journalist Sulejman Gashi.

Haradinaj Stublla expressed her sincere condolences to the family, while stating that Kosovo lost a great man and journalist.


Haradinaj Stublla praised Gashi's work as a US correspondent, saying that he has given extraordinary value to Kosovar journalism and society.

"Dear Gashi family,

With deep sorrow I received the news about the death of the well-known and very valuable journalist, Sulejman Gashi.

Sulejman, corresponding from the USA, has given value not only to journalism but also to our society, especially in the 90s when the news from Kosovo were echoed even across the Atlantic by his voice. A messenger of extraordinary circumstances, covering the news of the war in Kosovo and connecting our bridges with the USA, he was the exchange of the voice of the Albanian people from Kosovo seeking freedom and peace" stated Haradinaj Stublla in the telegram sent.

Recalling Gashi's work over the years, the Minister said that all the baggage he has left behind will be an inspiration for future generations.


Kosovo lost a great journalist and professional, lost one of the founders of the Albanian-American newspaper "Illyria", and one of the reconstructors of RTK and free post-war media. However, Sulejman left behind a long history of genuine journalism that will inspire generations after him, left a family that honours not only Sulejman, but the whole nation" stated the Kosovar chief diplomat.


Minister Haradinaj also expressed her condolences to the society, media colleagues and all those who knew journalist Gashi.

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