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At the initiative of Minister Haradinaj Stublla, the Government approves the decision against anti-Semitism

Prishtina 14 Septermber 2020 – At the proposal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Meliza Haradinaj Stublla, the Government of the Republic of Kosovo in today's meeting approved the decision against Anti-Semitism, thus listing Kosovo alongside its allied and strategic states in the fight against anti-Semitic hate speech.

The chief of the Kosovar diplomacy said that the hatred against the Jews also caused the Holocaust, which today is one of the saddest and most shameful memories in the world.

Minister Haradinaj Stublla emphasized that the state and the people of Kosovo know best what ethnic cleansing and identity dissolution means.

“Kosovo being itself a victim of the monstrous ideas of ethnic cleansing and dissolution of its identity, understands well the weight of discrimination”, said Haradinaj Stublla.


Welcoming the government's decision, Chief Diplomat Haradinaj said that this decision proves Kosovo's commitment to fight anti-Semitism in all its forms.


“"Today's approval of the Government's decision affirms the commitment to promote and strengthen the memory of the Holocaust, and to combat Anti-Semitism in all its forms, and is in harmony with all democracies that do not recognize anti-Semitic hate speech." said Minister Haradinaj Stublla.



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