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Minister Haradinaj and Prime Minister Hoti inform ambassadors on the agreement reached in Washington

Prishtina 14 September 2020 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Meliza Haradinaj Stublla, together with the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo Avdullah Hoti, and the General Directorate of MFAD, have held a video conference with the Ambassadors of the Republic of Kosovo who are on diplomatic missions around the world.

The chief of the Kosovar diplomacy  said that together with Prime Minister Hoti, informed the ambassadors about the agreement reached on September 4 in Washington and the steps towards the final agreement with Serbia.

“We informed them about the agreement reached in Washington on the normalization of economic relations with Serbia under the guarantee of the United States of America, as a major precursor to the final agreement on mutual recognition. "We discussed the points of the Washington agreement that relate to the scope of the MFAD, in particular the historical recognition by Israel, and the implementation of this agreement in the coming days." said Minister Haradinaj Stublla.

The top diplomat thanked all the ambassadors for the work done even during the global pandemic COVID 19, and at the same time asked for even more commitment to achieve new recognitions.

“I thanked our Ambassadors for their good work despite the pandemic situation and the restraining measures. "I asked them to increase the dynamics of their diplomatic action in proclaiming the truth of Kosovo, and pro-activity in host countries to use the momentum created to establish new bridges of friendship with the aim of increasing recognitions for Kosovo," said the chief of diplomacy Haradinaj Stublla.

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