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Haradinaj Stublla meets compatriots in Hague: Together we will build and strengthen Kosovo

Hague, 16 September 2020 - The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Meliza Haradinaj Stublla, during her official stay in Hague of the Netherlands, met compatriots and representatives from the association "Kosova (Kosovo)" and the association "Shqiptarët në Holandë (Albanians in the Netherlands)".


Minister Haradinaj said that she is proud that the new generation in the diaspora is preserving the Albanian language, culture and traditions.


"I started today the meetings at the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Hague, with our diaspora from the association "Kosova (Kosovo)" and the association "Shqiptarët në Holandë (Albanians in the Netherlands)".

"The new generation of the well-integrated and educated diaspora has reached the peaks of success, and this has made us infinitely proud," stated Haradinaj Stublla.


The head of Kosovo diplomacy said that together they discussed concrete projects for Kosovo, and especially for the preservation of the Albanian language which strengthens the connection with the homeland.


"Sending the warmest greetings from Kosovo, we discussed about concrete joint projects, on the Albanian language as an elementary necessity for maintaining and strengthening their connection with Kosovo, and other forms of cooperation that will keep them closer to Kosovo," emphasized Minister Haradinaj Stublla.


Informing them about the current political situation in Kosovo, Chief Diplomat Haradinaj expressed her conviction that together with the diaspora they will strengthen the state of Kosovo.


"At the same time, I informed them about the challenges and achievements of Kosovo and our common goals to build and strengthen our state inside and outside," concluded Haradinaj Stublla.


The Foreign Minister is paying an official visit to Hague, where she will meet with senior state officials and sign a cooperation agreement.

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