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Statement of the Minister: Serbia is deliberately concealing the truth of the genocide committed in Kosovo

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, expresses its deepest indignation towards the authorities in Serbia, who continue to conceal the monstrous crimes against humanity committed in Kosovo in 1998/1999, by not revealing the locations of the mortal remains of innocent civilians killed by Serbian paramilitary forces, deliberately hidden in mass graves throughout Serbia.

The so-called war crimes courts and prosecution in Serbia have been aware for decades of the whereabouts of mortal remains of the Kosovo Albanians in a location called Kizhevak, near Rashka, but decided to take no steps to shed light on the crimes committed and refused to order detention against those who committed the genocide.

This proves that crimes committed by Milosevic's state and criminal apparatus, whose close and loyal collaborators are now in charge of Serbian institutions, Vucic and Dacic, are deliberately keeping open one of the most severe wounds of post-war Kosovo, i.e. the issue of the missing persons. This reveals the true character of Serbia's leaders, who are by no means distancing themselves from their criminal past. There can be no dialogue or a final agreement with a state that continues to refuse apologizing for the crimes against humanity committed in Kosovo and continues to conceal the committed genocide. The international community should look into Rashka and other mass graves in Serbia and not remain silent in the face of internationally recognized facts that prove Serbia's responsibility before international justice for all crimes, massacres and genocide committed in Kosovo.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora would like to commend the Commission for Missing Persons and the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Prishtina, working diligently to uncover and identify the bodies of the missing persons in this mass grave in Serbia.

We owe it to Kosovo, to mother Ferdonije from Gjakova and all mothers and families of the missing persons, to do everything within our power and not leave a stone unturned until we have shed light on the fate of their loved ones.

Our hearts and minds are with the families during this difficult period, whose pain is being aggravated these days, and the wound of the war is deepening, 21 years after its end.

The continuation of Serbia’s impunity policy continues to remain a stain for international justice.

November 18, 2020


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