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The Kosovo Army is the strongest guarantee of our state

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs. Meliza Haradinaj-Stublla, today participated in the ceremony at the "Adem Jashari" barracks, organized by the Ministry of Defense on the occasion of November 27, “Force Day “


The Kosovo Army is the strongest guarantee of our state for the protection of sovereignty and territorial integrity, built on the values of freedom, democracy and independence.


Shared pride, embodied in a modern, peaceful, well-trained and serious force, grown alongside America and key Transatlantic allies as a security exporter and a reliable NATO partner in maintaining peace and stability in the region.


On the occasion of November 28, which marks the day of the Red and Black Flag, the anniversary of the first public appearance of the KLA, as well as the birthday of the legendary Commander Adem Jashari, Minister Haradinaj-Stublla paid homage at the Memorial Complex in Prekaz, at the tomb of the Kosovo's historic President, Dr. Ibrahim Rugova, and at the statue of the Hero of Kosovo, Zahir Pajaziti. 


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