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Minister Gërvalla hosted in a meeting the American Ambassador Kosnett: United States of America, an irreplaceable strategic partner of Kosovo in the foreign policy

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs. Donika Gërvalla, in her statement made on Tuesday highlighted that during her term as the leader of the foreign policy, the United States of America will be an irreplaceable strategic partner of Kosovo in the foreign policy of the Republic of Kosovo both in coordination of policies in relation with other countries and protection of the interests of the Republic of Kosovo.  

Minister Gërvalla made these comments following the cordial meeting with the Ambassador of the United States of America to the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Philip Kosnett, where they discussed various topics, in particular those related to the developments in the country, neighbour relations, as well as deepening the comprehensive cooperation between two friendly people.     

“It is hard to describe the contribution of the United States of America provided to the Republic of Kosovo with a few words, because the support of America for our freedom dates back to many decades ago. A strong and democratic Kosovo, where rule of law is maintained and rights and freedoms of every citizen are observed, a Kosovo with welfare and integrated in EU and NATO, is of our mutual interest”, stated Mrs. Gërvalla.

During this meeting it was also discussed for the current situation as to the pandemics, as well as the urgent needs for economic recovery and generation of new jobs. 

With regards to the normalization of relations with Serbia, the Head of the Kosovar Diplomacy stated the need to hold substantive talks, facilitated by the international partners, which should result in an agreement that does not infringe the constitutionality, sovereignty and territorial integrity, as the sole solution to ensure sustainable peace in the region, good neighbourhood and prosperity for all people of this part of Europe

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