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Minister Gërvalla hosted in a meeting the Italian ambassador Nicola Orlando

Following the meetings with the ambassadors accredited in Kosovo, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mrs. Donika Gërvalla, on Tuesday hosted in a meeting the ambassador of the Republic of Italy in the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Nicola Orlando. It was discussed about bilateral cooperation and the need to expand relations between the two countries.  

Minister Gërvalla thanked the ambassador Orlando for the unstinting support of Italy, given to Kosovo, in particular for supporting the process of integration into the European Union and NATO membership. 

“Bilateral relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Italy are excellent, but given the old friendship between our peoples, much more can be done to deepen our relations, in various fields, for the good of both our countries," said Minister Gërvalla. 

In the meeting with ambassador Orlando, Minister Gërvalla also spoke about the current situation with Covid-19, as well as the need for assistance, in order for the Republic of Kosovo to fight this pandemic in step with other European countries.

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