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Deputy Minister Ahmeti receives in a meeting representatives of association VATRA

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mr. Kreshnik Ahmeti, accompanied by the Senior Advisor to Minister Gërvalla, Mr. Rexhep Gjergji, received on Monday, in a meeting, the representatives of the association VATRA.

Deputy Minister Ahmeti thanked them for the historic support that VATRA has provided to Kosovo over the years, from the difficult days until today.
Ahmeti said that the close connection and cooperation with this association and its representatives, who are the institutional descendants of Fan Noli and Faik Konica, is an honor and privilege of each government.
He expressed his full readiness for cooperation with Vatra, in the diplomatic aspect as well, emphasizing that this association has often served as a lobbyist and promoter of the interests of Kosovo and all Albanians around the world.

While the leader of VATRA association, Mr. Elmi Berisha, wishing success to the new government, said that VATRA is unwavering in its opinions to support official Prishtina with all its capacities.

Speaking in concrete steps, Berisha proposed to Deputy Minister Ahmeti the continuation of the implementation of the Cooperation Agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Diaspora and the Association Vatra, which would enable coordination of important diplomatic activities for Kosovo, and raising its issue through world.

Ahmeti has supported this proposal, pledging that they will discuss it and that they will soon take the necessary steps.

Likewise, the participants in this meeting also discussed about new investments in Kosovo, which will be enabled through a cooperation between the MFAD and the Albanian Business Network that operates within Vatra, and has over 10 thousand members.

Deputy Minister Ahmeti has expressed full readiness for meetings and deepening of cooperation with the Business Network, emphasizing that the financial assistance of the diaspora has been and continues to be of great importance for the state of Kosovo.


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