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Deputy Minister Ahmeti met with the hungarian ambassador Bencze

Prishtina, Jun 3, 2021 - The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Mr. Kreshnik Ahmeti, received in an official meeting, the Hungarian Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. József Bencze and the Deputy Ambassador Mr. Béla Bozsik.

The Deputy Minister Ahmeti thanked the Ambassador for the numerous cultural activities that Hungary has carried out in Kosovo, especially in the field of education by awarding Stipendium Hungaricum scholarships to students of the Republic of Kosovo.

"With the multitude of events and cultural activities announced, especially in the field of music and sports, in addition to deepening relations with the Hungarian state, Kosovo will be placed at the center of regional organizations," said Deputy Minister Ahmeti.

Ambassador Bencze expressed his readiness to provide assistance to learn from Hungary's experience in economic diplomacy and promised continued support for Kosovo in the future.

Both, Deputy Minister Ahmeti and Ambassador Bencze, agreed to continue close cooperation in the future.

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