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Gërvalla participates at ministers' meeting: Rule of law is the main factor for cooperation and stability in the Balkans

Prishtina, Jun 8, 2021 - The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Donika Gërvalla, participated today in the conference of foreign ministers in the framework of the Berlin Process, which took place virtually.

In her address, Minister Gërvalla thanked Germany for its contribution to strengthening cooperation between the countries of the Western Balkans.

She said that the Government of Kosovo is committed to cooperation in every field ranging from economics, science, education and other fields, emphasizing that cooperation should be based on values ​​and principles.

"The rule of law is a key factor not only for co-operation, but also for stability and peace in the Balkans. Violations of every right, legal obligation, represent a real obstacle to achieving any success in regional cooperation ", said Gërvalla.

She stressed that while useful projects are being identified for the economic advancement of the region, it must be ensured that all projects benefit the citizens and not just some groups.

"Therefore we must ensure full transparency, rule-based competition and we must fight illegal cross-border transactions, black markets and organized crime. ''The exploitation of citizens by powerful organized crime groups must stop," said the minister, among other things.

She also stressed the need for some states to have greater support.

"We have come to our region with different predispositions in this new phase of cooperation. There are countries, such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo, that were devastated by aggression and genocide in the 1990s that caused tragedy and loss of lives. But this total war against civilians also deliberately destroyed key infrastructure.

These billions of damages have not yet been compensated and hence we necessarily start our economic cooperation in the region from different positions. These hundreds of thousands of people, who have not yet recovered from the damage caused to them, deserve more special treatment and greater support. "This is also a precondition to offer equal opportunities for all," she said.

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